Believe photography can change the world!

Helsinki Photo Festival’s fifth open call invites visual artists from the world over to explore the theme “Believe”.

We encourage photographers and artists to share their work in response to; “Believe“, as a concept of imaginative, creative and expressive interpretation. Artists are required to write a description along with their image submission of how their work relates to the theme.

What does it mean to believe in somebody or something? What does it mean to believe in diversity, inclusion, belonging or well-being? Societies the world over now face ideological conflicts, some leading to violent exchange. We now struggle with social, political, religious and even environmental divisions within countries and neighborhoods. Do you believe in yourself? Can you accept the opinion and beliefs of another person? Do you believe that reasoning and technological innovations can save humans from civil and natural destruction? Do you believe that humanity can live in harmony?

How do photographers and artists respond to the notion of “Believe” is the challenge?

In the summer of 2022, Helsinki Photo Festival will showcase imagery that addresses this vital topic.

The open call starts today December 23, 2021, and ends March 31, 2022.
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The application fee for the Helsinki Photo Festival is
* Early Bird €23 (until 31th January 2022)
* Standard €28 (after 1st February 2022)

Cover image by Ruben Martin de Lucas: Iceberg Nation No 6

The Helsinki Photo Festival (#HelPhoto) is an annual event showcasing Nordic and international photography in the Greater Helsinki Area.

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