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Photography transcends mere image capture. It serves as a means of immortalising moments, emotions, and narratives. Beyond its artistic and sentimental value, investing in photography presents distinctive opportunities and benefits. It fosters a connection to the artistic zeitgeist, while holding the potential for financial growth, and appreciation. The exclusivity of owning a limited edition print enhances its value and desirability, rendering it an appealing prospect for investment.


In our continuous pursuit to engage global audiences, in 2021, we embarked on yet another ambitious venture. With support from the Nordisk Kulturfond, we initiated a limited edition print program designed to empower Nordic artists to showcase and market their works to collectors and art enthusiasts worldwide. 


Since its inception, our program has attracted a cohort of exceptionally talented emerging artists from the Nordic region, complemented by a select few international luminaries. These artists have garnered recognition through exhibitions at esteemed galleries, museums, and prestigious photography festivals, solidifying their status as promising talents in the global art scene.


These are just a few of the esteemed artists we collaborated with through our limited edition program: Florence Montmare, Sari Soininen, Angelika Kollin, Svante Gullichsen, Oscar Alvarado, Jooeun Bae, Carl-Mikael Ström, Dilla Djalil-Daniel, Anne Lass, Stig Marlon WestonTom Price, and Maria Kjartans. These photographers have been prominently featured in renowned publications such as Time, The Guardian, Die Zeit, FT Weekend, British Journal of Photography, Liberte, Helsingin Sanomat, and many others. Currently, photographic artist Sari Soininen‘s work is being exhibited at the Lahti Museum of Visual Arts MALVA from November 3, 2023, to April 7, 2024. In addition, Angelika Kollin‘s long-term project “Parenthood” has been chosen as a finalist for the prestigious Sony World Photography Award 2024. Furthermore, Svante Gullichsen‘s work is set to be featured at Tallinn’s Fotografiska in the spring of 2024.


The limited edition works of these esteemed artists, along with many others we have proudly collaborated with, have already been acquired by prestigious private and public collections spanning across Germany, France, Finland, the United States, Canada, Japan, Indonesia, Sweden, Denmark, and the United Kingdom.

Our collection of limited edition prints featuring the talented artists mentioned above is truly captivating! To showcase this exclusive collection, we curated a travelling group exhibition titled “Selected Darlings”, which previously graced renowned venues such as the world’s oldest auction house, Stockholms Auktionsverk in Sweden, as well as Finlandia Hall and West Terminal t1 in Helsinki, Finland.


Now, proudly in collaboration with Arilyn’s Virtual Art Galleries, we are presenting the whole exhibition virtually, accessible through any internet browser anywhere. Prints are available framed and unframed in two different sizes. Note that once editions sell out, we will not produce any reprints.

You can experience the virtual exhibition “Selected Darlings” via the link below:

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