Membership Program

Members enable the Helsinki Photo Festival to present exceptional exhibitions and programs that share the Nordic spirit.

Helsinki Photo Festival is a community which has grown over the years to a well connected network of photo enthusiasts and photographers. Our Membership program provides opportunities to learn new things about photography, visit inspiring photo exhibitions, and make good lasting memories. You can join our community and review our membership benefits here.

Stefan Bremer at Nordic Seminar 2021


Seminars and Master Classes

Helsinki Photio Festival’s popular seminars and master classes are paid and discounted for members. Every year we are inviting world-class photographers, art teachers and speakers to come to Finland to lecture and share their experience in our educational events.

Our photography masterclass courses aimed at teaching photographers what makes a picture stunning, work with subjects, create new concepts, shoot with different lights and learning from the best new techniques and insights.

Throughout the years we have welcomed speakers and experts from the field of photography to visit Helsinki from allover Europe and the US. For example, Alexa Becker (DE), Christian Bobst (CH), Fryd Frydendal (DK), Emanula Mirabelli (IT), Nela Eggenberger (AT), Florence Montmare (US/SE), Elina Brotherus (FI) and many more.



FolioMeet and paid Portfolio Reviews

FolioMeet is a free, monthly portfolio review group for members. This program provides members, both emerging and established, with the opportunity to discuss their work in a casual and supportive environment with members and a guest artist, writer, curator or other professionals from the Helsinki arts community.

The review is run like a group critique: Each participant has 20 minutes to share a project and receive feedback from the reviewer and the rest of the group. Before the review, participant should prepare 5-20 images from a single body of work that is nearing completion as well as a few questions to guide discussion.

During the festival period we organise Portfolio reviews with well known international photographers. Such professional reviews are paid and members will have access to discounted pricing.



Public Art Events

Helsinki Photo Festival’s members occasionally present member-run interactive public art installations and activities like lightning design, caring about a cause, photo booths, camera obscura, cyanotype workshops, open studios, gear swap events and more. What happens changes year to year as opportunities and interest shift.




Safespace is a women-centred event open to all women and gender non-conforming, non-binary, gender-queer members who feel comfortable in women-centred spaces. Safespace is member-driven and facilitated by member volunteers.



Darkroom salon

The Darkroom salon will provide image makers and photo enthusiasts with the space and necessary facilities to produce work and develop new skills, as well as take part in a variety of workshops and exhibitions.




Practice photo studio

The practice photo studio will provide image makers and photo enthusiasts with the space and necessary facilities to produce work and develop new skills.