Björn Nilsson (SE) "Samtal Misslyckades" - Helphoto 2023




Samtal Misslyckades
When something changes in a relationship thoughts, feelings and fears appear. Sometimes there is a struggle. A silence. A failed conversation.

It is often through heritage, tradition and media that people  are taught how a man and a woman “should be” and how they should relate to each other in a relationship. So how is the male self image affected when the woman for instance starts to earn more money than the man? And how is the sexual relationship affected if the man suddenly is responsible for most of the domestic work?

Samtal Misslyckades (Conversation Failed) is about people who have lived together for a longer period of time. The project is partly based on the personal experiences of Björn Nilsson Fodor from various relationships, but also on the experiences of other couples that have arisen through conversations. Taking a look at power structures, gender roles and sexuality, Björn has spoken with people who, like others, are in their midlife. People and couples who are struggling with various adversities and bouts of anxiety in their everyday lives. People who love, compromise, sacrifice and fail. Is there even a possibility of understanding and reconciliation without communication? 

In this project, Björn has been working with Lina Holmgren, a psychologist based in Gothenburg and an expert on the breakdown of communication. He is also working with Alex Pacheco from Crash Boom Bang Studios in Stockholm, with the design and launch of a book.

Björn Nilsson Fodor is a working photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. After spending seven years in isolation and starting over with photography to redefine his role and the stories he wants to tell, Björn is presenting his project Samtal Misslyckades (Conversation Failed) as a book followed by a series of workshops in 2023. Björn is also working in collaboration with three other professional photographers on HOMES – a project about stigma and a suburb in the southern part of Stockholm. 

Björn Nilsson (SE) "Samtal Misslyckades" - Helphoto 2023
Björn Nilsson (SE) "Samtal Misslyckades" - Helphoto 2023