Alon Skuy (ZA) "Musa's Struggle and Search for The Stage" - Helphoto 2023



South Africa

Musa’s Struggle and Search for The Stage
23-year-old Musa Motha uses gravity to perfect his technique and his work is getting him noticed abroad.

Motha’s leg was amputated when he was 11-years-old after being diagnosed with cancer. He had dreams of being a professional soccer player but quickly realized that he wouldn’t be able to pursue this dream.

He joined the Vuyani Dance Theatre last year and found his passion.

The dance company was involved with the University of KwaZulu Natal Drama and Performance Department Pietermaritzburg when they hosted internationally renowned dancer, choreographer, teacher, director and scriptwriter Gregory Maqoma at this year’s Dance Experia Festival. The festival included a masterclass which was open to the public and ended with a solo performance of Ketima by Maqoma, followed by Rise by Vuyani Dance Theatre choreographers.

Musa Motha is a role model for aspiring dancers as he powerfully exhibits resilience and courage, and the propensity and grit to overcome the odds in his life. Musa’s strength radiates the stage.

Alon Skuy (b. 1981, Johannesburg, South Africa) is a photojournalist based in Miami, Florida. After studying at The Market Photo Workshop, Skuy worked as a photographer for some of the country’s largest publications including as Chief Photographer of The Sunday Times and The Times in South Africa. He is noted for his coverage of the 2012 Marikana Massacre, said to be the most lethal use of force by South African security forces against its own civilians since the 1976 Sharpeville Massacre.  

Alon Skuy (ZA) "Musa's Struggle and Search for The Stage" - Helphoto 2023
Alon Skuy (ZA) "Musa's Struggle and Search for The Stage" - Helphoto 2023