Aija Svensson (FI) "Do Not Cover" - Helphoto 2023




Do Not Cover
There are devastating secrets inherited and passed down through generations, buried deep within our emotional memory, that we cannot or choose not to remember. When kept in the shadows, these secrets lay the foundation for a precarious existence, leading us to accumulate our own hidden truths, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

Aija Svensson’s body of work Do Not Cover illuminates the multiple layers of traumatic experiences, straddling the boundaries between past and present, and shifting perspectives from adult to child. The photographic series, featured in his photography book of the same title, weaves together a patchwork of memories both veiled and revealed.

This evocative collection comprises portraits, documentary images, archival material, and symbolic visuals hinting at elusive memories that remain uncaptured. Photographs taken on her mother’s deathbed become the catalyst for reconnecting with a past shrouded in unanswered questions and unresolved actions.

Aija Svensson (b. 1980, Tampere, Finland) is an emerging Finnish documentary photographer currently living in Lund, Southern Sweden. Her focus lies on long term documentary projects, which are often about personal or social issues.  

Aija Svensson (FI) "Do Not Cover" - Helphoto 2023
Aija Svensson (FI) "Do Not Cover" - Helphoto 2023