Fernando Montiel Klint (ME) "The Golden Amphibian" - Helphoto 2022



The Golden Amphibian
Believing in nature in its primary state, how strange and beautiful it can be for a better understanding of the world that we live in. Fernando Montiel Klint wants to discover a nature unknown to him, from the micro to the macro where the human is no longer the center of the universe, in search of an untamed territory loaded with ancestral traces. “This is true freedom: to be able to leave ourselves, to cross the limits of our little world to open up the universe” – Alejandro Jodorowsky. “What is man? Who am I? How do I relate to nature?” Klint wants to explore his wild side, to move away from his civilized side, explore personal subjectivity, and embark on an unknown and uncertain journey with science and ancient cosmogony as his guides to create a personal image of his relationship with the environment, of our transit through the earth as a species. He is disturbed by his estrangement from nature. How alien she has become. Looking at her today is vital to Klint. “Why didn’t I see her?” he perceives his future anchored in his relationship with her. He wants to try to slow down the self-destructive maelstrom that the environment has created for him. Feeding a curiosity towards the unknown nature, so far away, that he thought he had lost sensitivity to it, to get closer to the natural environment, its biodiversity, the individual as a species, to recognize his animal instinct to get closer to nature.

Fernando Montiel Klint (b.1978, Mexico City) studied photography at the Active School of Photography and Centro de la Imagen. His work is in collections including the Museum of Avant-Garde, Switzerland, The Museum of Art, Guangdong, China, Colección Televisa, Kenyérgyár 320 , Hungary, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chile, Nave K, Spain, Museum of Modern Art in Aguascalientes, Mexico, Wittliff Collection, Texas State University, Recently has come in third place place at the PH Museum 2019, has shown work at the Athens Photo Festival 2020, Les Rencontres dÁrles 2020 and Stand Point, Ukraine 2019. He has also held solo exhibitions at Fotoencuentros 2008, Spain, his project Nirvana at Museo Archivo de la Fotografía, Mexico 2008, Cero Galería, Colombia 2008 and in Centro de la Imagen, Mexico city 2007, Centro de Fotografía, Montevideo 2019, Flach Galeria, Chile, 2019, Les Rencontres dÁrles, 2011, Ra Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine 2012, Act of Faith at Photo España 11, No Escape at the San Antonio Museum of Art, U.S.A 2010, and collective exhibitions around the world at Insight, curated by YIning He, Shanghai, China 2021, at Photoquai at the Quai Branly, Paris, France, 2015, Develar y Detonar, 2016, Spain and Mexico, Ouroboros a Mexican Cycle at Pingyao China, 2014 and Develate and Detonate, A Process at Galeria Höhmannhaus at Augsburg, Germany 2015.



Fernando Montiel Klint (ME) "The Golden Amphibian" - Helphoto 2022
Fernando Montiel Klint (ME) "The Golden Amphibian" - Helphoto 2022