From Germany. Lives and works in Kassel.

Stay as you are 

While Annagenia Jacob has been working at one of the largest European electronic music festivals as a field cleaner, she found her interest in trash that she collected. Annagenia considers trash as archaeological objects that tell a lot about the time we are living in, and about the festival community. Besides that the environment where the festival takes place is very special. The Nature One takes place at a former missile base. In the 1980s, the deployment of 96 nuclear cruise missiles moved and mobilised many people nationwide to be part of protests. During these years’ of demonstrations: Peace prayers; Easter marches; sit-ins and resistance camps marked the area. Since 1996, every year thousands of people celebrate between bunkers and barbed wire fences. Nowadays, the area is again used for military purposes.

The raw landscape and atmosphere during the festival reminds us of the fragility of peace. By finding her images, Annagenia Jacob’s interest lies in the rough character. Drinking, celebrating and losing yourself in music bears also a destructive element. Expressive things mostly come from a feeling that is oppressed. For many people, techno music, dancing and celebrating is a way out of their regular life. For money you buy a legacy to do what you want. You get an idea how anarchistic structures might work. Of course, Nature One is a huge business, but for a lot of people it gives them a feeling of a safe space where they can go wild and release their pressure. What might seem just like a fun thing, always bears something political. This festival tells you a lot about people and their needs.

Sweatandtears by Annagenia Jacob
Sweatandtears by Annagenia Jacob
Barbed Wire Fence by Annagenia Jacob
Housing by Annagenia Jacob
 Laughing gas canisters by Annagenia Jacob
Bunker by Annagenia Jacob
Stay as you are by Annagenia Jacob
Selfmade by Annagenia Jacob
Sign by Annagenia Jacob