Elevating Creativity, Uniting Teamwork

picdrop was founded in 2012 by photographer Andreas Chudowski and designer Tobias Friese. Their shared frustration with existing image delivery solutions for Andreas’ clients drove them to create something extraordinary, and that’s how picdrop came to be. It’s an online platform that caters to photographers, artists, and creative professionals, providing them with an efficient way to share, store, and collaborate on images. It’s a game-changer, and here’s why PicDrop truly stands out from the rest of the image-sharing platforms out there.

Helsinki Photo Festival can not thank picdrop in words for its kind support. “During one year this unique platform has elevated creativity amongst our team and united the effortless needs a festival has when it deals with a lot of images with various internal and external stakeholders. We want to say thank you for empowering us! states Artistic Director Rafael Rybczynski


An Intuitive User Experience
picdrop has redefined the way we work with pictures within our team. The ease with which we drag & drop, share, store, and collaborate on images has been nothing short of remarkable. Whether we’re brainstorming ideas, selecting images for exhibitions, or discussing creative concepts, Picdrop has been our steadfast companion.

“As an artist and photographer, picdrop saves me loads of time since I used to search all over for the perfect images for my graphics. Now, having everything in one platform is super convenient and makes my work a lot easier.” Lotta Juvonen, Graphic Designer

“When I joined the team, I was blown away by how picdrop had everything sorted out in such an organized manner. The platform effortlessly arranged thousands of photos, neatly categorized and color-coded in alphabetical order. It’s not just functional but also visually appealing” Linh, Social Media Manager.


Embracing Team Collaboration
In the fast-paced world of artistic events and exhibitions, team collaboration is the backbone of success. The platform’s navigation and sharing features have fostered an efficient workflow, empowering us to work in harmony regardless of our physical locations. From Helsinki to remote corners of the world, we’ve shared our visions and inspirations, providing feedback and support through the platform’s intuitive comment and approval system. This sense of togetherness has not only strengthened our team dynamics but has also translated into a more impactful and unified festival experience.

“picdrop is just what we needed for smooth communication and collaboration with our team. It’s so easy to use, and everything stays organized in one place -our files, discussions, and feedback.” Duong Ngiem, Cultural Producer

“As a proud member of the Helsinki Photo Festival team, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the magic of visual storytelling come to life. Behind the scenes, however, lies a crucial aspect that has seamlessly brought us all together.” Linh, Social Media Manager.

“The ability to mark images with different colors is something I haven’t seen before. It helps communication between the team and is honestly my favourite feature on the platform.” Lotta Juvonen, Graphic Designer

Tailored Features for Artistic Versatility

One of the most remarkable aspects of picdrop is its commitment to providing tailored features to meet the diverse needs of creative professionals. The customizable portfolios allowed individuals to accurately represent their brand and style.

“Its exceptional combination of user-friendly design, and feature-rich functionality makes picdrop stand out to me in comparison with other similar platforms. Personally, I could easily categorize my photos into projects and organize them in a way that told a story, capturing the viewer’s imagination and creating an emotional connection.”  Business Development Associate, Robert Herold


Unparalleled Customer Support
Behind every great platform is a team of passionate and dedicated individuals. The team at picdrop has left an indelible mark on me with their unparalleled customer support. Prompt responses to queries, personalized assistance, and a genuine eagerness to help artists succeed have been a constant source of motivation and encouragement.

To get to know more about Europe’s No 1 photo gallery software visit picdrop. www.picdrop.com

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