From the Netherlands. Lives and works in Breda.

Wiesje graduated in 1998 from the Academy of Visual Arts St.Joost in Breda, NL. The photos he takes of people in situations are metaphors for his personal relationship with his immediate surroundings. They reflect the truths that are universal to him. Wiesje would prefer to describe this greater concept or universal truth with words such as earthiness or originality. Apart from the banal. On the one hand these photographs have careful preparation in terms of direction, decoration, posture and decor, on the other hand, they are characterized by elements that he has no control over. He always allows the unexpected to happen. The creation of his images not only depends on a certain location or a certain landscape but also on the everyday objects he collects at those locations. Wiesje combines these objects with self-constructed ‘costumes’. They often have a Nomadic character. He plays and stages on the spot with his loved ones. As a character, they have a mythical form. In this way, his photographs depict archetypes that, due to their individual vulnerability, express themselves about the relationship between people.