Austrian Ulrike Koeb (b. 1959, Vorarlberg) is a Vienna-based food and still life photographer. Her interest in photography is originally sparked by a love of detail and passion for colour, light and style. After her training the Viennese photo studio Liewehr she attended masterclasses in still-life photography by Charles Purvis in Maine and Hans Neleman in New Mexico, USA.

In addition, to her many commercial magazine- and book projects, Koeb’s passion lies in artistic photography. She often creates compositions with food and disposed objects and garbage found (especially from plastic) that she uses to create works for raising awareness on throwaway culture, with no cares about the consequences. Her newest solo exhibition “Reduce, reuse and recycle” will be premiered at Helsinki Photo Festival 22 with support of the Austrian Embassy Helsinki. 

Ulrike Koeb’s photographs have appeared in numerous publications and have also featured in exhibitions in Muscat, London, Venice and Budapest.

Solo- and group exhibitions:
1995 – Oman in Platinum Palladium prints, Muscat, Oman    
2006 – attic, Hittisau, Austria 
2011 – table manners, Gwangju, South Korea  
2012 – room 333, Breda, The Netherlands
2016 – arte Laguna Arsenale, Venice, Italy
2016 – photo Vienna MAK, Vienna, Austria
2018 – Vienna design week, Vienna, Austria
2019 – food design, acf Budapest, Hungary
2022 – canvas art fair, Venice, Italy

Bibliography / Publications
Food design XL, Springer Verlag
Fashion and Jewelry 1920-1970, Arnoldsche
Cooking with the power of nature, Brandstaetter
How we eat, Boehlau/Vandenhoeck
Veggie Starts, Brandstaetter

Exhibition opening is August 3 from 16-18 at Marski. Thereafter the exhibition can be visited daily from 9am-21pm.  Admission is free. More info will be posted on our website in the helnews section.

More about the artists, visit her website: Ulrike Koeb

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