From Italy. Lives and works in Milan.

Tiziano studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and then in Brera. Now he lives and works in Milan. While he has studied painting he always used photography. He believes it is his means. It has a very rigid technical component, allowing him to easily break the order of things, as well as to accept it. He prefers photography because it is ambiguous. Tiziano uses images that he finds of others and recombines them, he bends them to his wish or at least he tends to do so. With the same interest in still images, nowadays he is getting his hands on those in motion. He turns small things in 16mm that he then manipulates during printing or development. They are still at the beginning. The thing Tiziano likes is to identify, through a remediation of some media, a further plot, perhaps hidden perhaps non-existent and bring it under the eyes of all. For example, how a small sporting enterprise can become epic or how to feel an immoderate love in the words of a ferocious despot.