From Chile. Lives and works in Santiago.

Tatiana Sardá Yantén lives and works in Santiago de Chile (1981). He is a Professor of Photography and Visual Artist with a mention in Photography from the U. de Chile. Selected in residences and workshops with important international photographers such as Fernando Montiel Klimt, Francesco Giusti, Roberto Huarcaya, Andreas Rost. He has participated in more than twenty collective exhibitions since 2003 in Chile, Brazil and Spain. He has exhibited individually “Joint memory” in Sala CENFOTO 2014. His work has been published in Atlas Magazine Image and Photography, Dreams of reason, Visviri FIFV Editorial, Magazine MIRA, Guerrilla Issue, among others His visual work proposes photographic creations about the identity and space, generating a visual aesthetic to reflect on how we live. She has participated as Editor and Collaborator in Atlas Magazine, Photography and Image. His photographic work aims to generate reflection and emotion in relation to the private and social world of the human being and how the image can awaken intimate feelings and at the same time critical social thought.