From Norway. Lives and works in Gothenburg, Sweden.

“A Body is an Agent” is Sofie Kjørum Austlid (b. 1991) graduation work for her Bachelor of Arts in Photography at the Valand Academy in Gothenburg, Sweden. Moreover, Sofie’s works has been exhibited in the CFF – Centrum för fotografi in Stockholm introducing to the new generation of talents in Swedish photography of the year 2018.

“A Body is an Agent” is based on social observations about group affiliation. The work can be seen as examining how we define our identity based on our own brand or signature based on social constructions such as the workplace, institutions or social media. The series consists of photographs and text presented in and on varied materials. “A Body is an Agent” is also a personal survey of how we use and how we look at photography today. The project can be seen: What do you see when you look at a photograph and how would you describe what you look like to someone else?