From Argentina. Lives and works in Buenos Aires.

Photographer, teacher and photographic editor from Argentina. I have worked for the last 9 years in the print publishing business as a photographer and photo editor, for instance, the main newspaper from Argentina La Nacion, Clarin, Ohlalá!, Lugares and Brando. Also, I am teaching critical analysis of photojournalism at the Torcuato Di Tella University in Buenos Aires and of different approaches to photography in a number of schools and institutions.

There is accurate data. The original picture was taken on 8 August 2015, at 11:32:14. It was taken on an Iphone 6. Speed 1/15, and f/2.2. Focal distance 4.15 mm, and ISO 500. The name of the file is IMG_6440.jpg. All this data is not visible, but forms part of the digital metadata.

Two people leave a record of a discovery, just like the first photograph of man landing on the moon. As fake as then.

We manipulate recollections by stacking them on some shelf of our memory. We wish those images to remain there; pulled out from their original context, they appear as trophies or relics turned into myth, crystallizing forever as illusion.