Helsinki Photo Festival


Nordic Village Finalists announced at Helsinki Photo Festival 2021
We are pleased to announce the winners of Nordic Village of the theme Fearless at Helsinki Photo Festival 2021. All selected artists will be exhibited from Jul 7-Sep 30 at the Art Park at Hanaholmen – Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre in Espoo.

The international jury of experts congratulates the winners.

Nordic Village is a talent platform fostered by Helsinki Photo Festival to support emerging Nordic photographers. The platform exhibits visual artists from the countries of the north to a broad audience in Finland and internationally. The program includes educational activities with experts and artists from the Nordics.

More information about the program schedule to be released in the coming weeks. Helsinki Photo Festival takes place from July 7-September 30, 2021.

Open Call winners 2021 – Nordic Village I Fearless I #helphoto21

Ingerid Jordal / NO
Maria Konstanse Bruun / NO
Angelika Kollin / EE
Lisa Pram / DK
Marie Bentzon / DK
Anne Lass / DK
Sari Soininen / FI
Jussi Puikkonen / FI
Kicki Lundgren / SE

Open Call winners 2021 – Nordic Village & Intl. I Fearless I #helphoto21

Siri Ekker Svendsen / NO
Linda Bournane Engelberth / DZ-NO

Rebecca Simons / FI
Anna Kuokkanen / FI
Cletus Nwadike / NG-SE

The most voted artists were:

Cletus Nwadike (NG-SE) “Girls struggle in Nigeria”

Anna Kuokkanen (FI) “From the shadows of human trafficking to an activist – Itohan Okundaye’s story”


Rebecca Simons (FI) “Letters from the past”

Linda Bournane Engelberth (DZ-NO) “Outside the Binary”

Jussi Puikkonen (FI) “Arctic Drifting”

See you at the exhibition at the Art Park at Hanaholmen – Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre in Espoo.