From Denmark. Lives and works in Aarhus.

Lulu Scheel (b. 1986) is a Danish photo artist. She has been working with art all her life. With 24 she got accepted at the Royal Danish Theater school. Her camera and lens became her secret hideaway place from all the noises and expectations in the theatre world. When she turned 28, she took a decision that changed her life: Her path was not to play on the big stages and perform as an actress even though she always thought that this was her call. She gave her camera all attention and started doing photography together with her old colleges from the Aarhus theatre.

Now she does portrait work for a lot of Danish actresses, shooting PR for bands and creating visual art from her own art laboratory. Humans and especially women’s are the main subject in her artwork. Inspired by the Nordic nature, natural light and the women body she has co-worked for a number of projects with artists from Iceland and the Faroe Islands.