From Spain. Lives and works in Helsinki.

Kemê (born 1983) is a artist specialized in photography and performance. She is attracted to concepts like symbols, memory, mutability, the shadows and the unconscious, how we construct ourselves and how we can use art as a tool for re-creation, re-construction. She studied both social psychology and arts in Murcia (Spain) finishing with a Master degree in photography at COCO European School (Alicante, Spain), to focus her attention into photography after that she moves to Madrid where she studied at BlankPaper School (Madrid, Spain) and IED (Madrid, Spain), obtaining a specialization in photobooks publishing her first photobook “Hay lugares en mi en los que nunca dejé que me visitaras” and “K. family tree”.

In 2014 Kemê moves to a little town in Finland where she lives surrounded by forest, focusing into research and experimentation. Kemê’s works often comprise performative self-portraits and small objects / installations, playing with different levels of representation. She combines organic and man-made materials in her personal representation of our reality where artificiality is part of our nature. Actually, Kemê is based in Helsinki where she combines her work as an artist and art teacher with her role as a cultural agent for inclusion and multiculturality.

En Seeds trabajo con los símbolos y la memoria objetual: el objeto como ente y la memoria como algo carente de veracidad. Despojo a la piezas de contexto (historia) y les otorgo un estado de relicario o souvenir empleando materiales orgánicos -como flores de “No me olvides” o cabello- históricamente ligados al “recordatorio”. Pero es al juntarlos con materiales sintéticos como la resina de poliéster, y al morir encapsulados en el huevo/semilla cuando adquieren el poder de la permanencia más allá de mi tiempo.

Son piezas que con su elaborada factura y carga simbólica necesitan de cierta ironía o humor para la digestión de sus frutos.
Finalmente entierro estas “semillas” para que incuben su historia a través del tiempo -de días y estaciones- , para que solo quede prueba de su existencia a través de lo efímero de la imagen fotográfica.

In Seeds, I work with symbols and objectual memory: the object as an entity, and memory as something lacking in veracity.
I strip the pieces of their context (history) and give them a reliquary or souvenir status by using organic materials -like the “forget me not” flowers or hair- historically linked to the “reminder”. But by uniting them to synthetic materials like polyester resin, and their death encapsulates within the egg/seed that they acquire the permanency power beyond my time.
They are pieces that by their elaborate craft and symbolic load need some irony or mood for the digestion of their fruits.
Finally, I bury these “seeds” so that they can incubate their own history through time -days and seasons, meantime the only evidence of their existence now is through the ephemeral photographic image.