From Norway. Lives and works in Oslo.

Born in Norway in 1964 and lived in Denmark, Germany and Norway. Learned photography from good workshop teachers and is mainly focusing on art photography with nature as subject matter.

Love and Death – The roses of Henrik Wergeland
Henrik Wergeland was the most important poet and a cultural person in the first half of the 19th century in Norway. He is known by name by all Norwegians and his poems are loved today. His greatest poems are about love and death, always including nature. He loved nature in an almost mystical way. And above all, he loved the rose. He mentions roses more than 400 times in his writings. The roses are with him in his love poems. Sometimes the rose is jealous of his beloved woman. But also, in his poems about death, the roses are present. He died at age 37 from lung cancer after more than a year in bed, writing until the end. His last poems are all including the roses. In this poem he wrote in the hospital he tells how the moon is the only one giving him some comfort from the pain he suffers. The moon throws white roses on his bed. They shine like silver. But then the white roses make his hand look as black as it has been in the grave for a long time. … Precisely as it was promised, The moon has passed tonight. She brought me a golden basket, Heaped with roses white. She cast them in at the window; They were scattered on the floor and bed. Their stalks like dewdrops glittered, Each like a silver thread. So pure the roses glistened, My hand on the counterpane, My white hand was black beside them, As thought in the grave, it had lain.… (Translated by J. Bithell) “In this project, I have simply photographed dead roses. Nothing more. Nothing less.” Kai Tormod Hansen