Robin Hinsch (DE) "Wahala" - Helphoto 2023




The work exposes the mechanisms of exploitation behind the extraction of fossil fuels and visualizes that there is no difference in principle between the destruction of the environment and violence against people. The photographs expose the contradictions of the promise of perpetual growth and reveal how much the system of fossil capitalism groans under its own weight. Photographed in sacrificed zones, in places where long-term damage to the environment and people is accepted because it enables profits elsewhere. The apocalypse has already begun, even if it is made easy for the consumer not to see it. The brutality of these places rarely enters the consciousness. For the people in the pictures, however, they are everyday life.

Robin Hinsch is an artist and photographer based in Hamburg, Germany. In his artistic, photographic practice he focuses mainly on social-economic and political issues. In his research-based subjective sometimes intuitive storytelling approach he combines photography with film collages and installation techniques. He studied photography in Karlsruhe, Hannover and Hamburg. His work has seen him travel to various countries like Iraq, Ukraine, Syria, Nigeria, China, Russia, India, Uganda. Besides his own practice he is teaching and holding lectures at various occasions like Leuphana University Lüneburg, AdBK Nuremberg and the House of Photography in Hamburg. 

Robin Hinsch (DE) "Wahala" - Helphoto 2023
Robin Hinsch (DE) "Wahala" - Helphoto 2023