Annamaria Belloni (IT) "Supernatura" - Helphoto 2023




Supernatura tells the story – sometimes in an imaginary way – of the difficult relationship between human beings and nature. We were too violent and slowly this relationship has been destroyed. We are losing real contact with nature, and it will now take back its place.

The human being must have the courage to take a step back and move away from the anthropocentric vision of the world, the only way of salvation to continue living next to a nature that one cannot – nor must – completely domesticate. And it certainly takes more courage to stop and rethink one’s way of life and habits, than to move forward by inertia.

Nature has already begun to rebel with a series of riots, alternating moments of revenge with glimpses of beauty. It is fascinating both with its magnificence and its whispered charm, knowing that it will survive… So will we?

Annamaria Belloni (b. 1964, Genoa, Italy) studied in Germany and now lives and works in Piacenza, Italy where she manages a photo studio. She has exhibited in several galleries and festivals in Italy and abroad (recently in Sidney, Hamburg, Montpellier, and Discovery Award in Braga, Portugal). She was art director of the Fotosintesi international photo festival in Piacenza and of the La Notte Della Fotografia. Annamaria’s book Supernatura was published in May 2021 by Postcart and presented at the exhibition Fotografia Europea, the international festival of Reggio Emilia. 

Annamaria Belloni (IT) "Supernatura" - Helphoto 2023
Annamaria Belloni (IT) "Supernatura" - Helphoto 2023