Oscar Scott Carl (DK) "Nanna" - Helphoto 2022



In early June 2021, Oscar sat on a plane 10,000 meters above sea level. He was on his way to visit his grandma in Santa Fe, New Mexico, his Nanna, as he has always called her. A few days earlier, Oscar got the message that Nanna was rushed to the hospital and was undergoing surgery. The doctors said it was cancer.
Nanna is a documentary of the three following weeks. It was a time full of uncertainty, disbelief and tears, but also of laughter and meaningfulness. It was a constant change of belief. One day Nanna was getting better, and the doctor’s messages were positive. The next day it was the complete opposite. The time that followed was also an exploration of how Oscar’s relationship with his father changed at the same time that his father’s relationship with his mother changed. Oscar was no longer only his father’s son, but a trusted adult. And Oscar’s father was no longer only his mother’s son, but her caretaker and confidant. Both had to believe that the change that was happening was a natural part of life. Even though Nanna was created as a way of letting go and remembering his grandma, as it unfolded it turned out to be much more about life than death. Nanna is about the life lived.

Oscar Scott Carl (b. 1995) is a full-time portrait and documentary photographer from Aarhus, Denmark. From 2019 to 2020 he interned at the Danish Daily Berlingske. In April 2021, he completed his Bachelor’s degree studies in photojournalism from DMJX in Aarhus. Since then, he has worked in freelance photojournalism and on personal projects. Oscar’s worksoften center around transitions, both in terms of human relations and life in general. For Oscar, photography is an exploration, which poses the question of why? Through photography, he tries to understand and comprehend things and situations. He believes his pictures are visual footsteps in his search for an understanding of the constant transitions in life. According to Oscar, he often finds himself capturing silent and intimate moments in human relations. He believes photography is a crucial part of understanding the world around us.


Oscar Scott Carl (DK) "Nanna" - Helphoto 2022
Oscar Scott Carl (DK) "Nanna" - Helphoto 2022