Eva Faché & Jet Pascua (BE & PH) "Tourists. Like Us" - Helphoto 2022


Belgium & The Philippines

Tourists. Like Us
The works, which are from the series Tourists. Like Us are part of an ongoing collaborative work by photographer Eva Faché and artist Jet Pascua. In 2021, Eva and Jet lived in a small village of 28 people, more than 200 Greenlandic dogs, and no running water for a two-month artist residency. Being immersed in a situation where the skepticism towards strangers by members of the community as well as the language became an obvious barrier, the two artists were forced to reflect on the disturbance they were creating in the village, and in general, the touristic and voyeuristic nature of art residencies.  Using self-reflection and self-critique became an important starting point for the two artists on their way to building strong and meaningful relationships and connections within the village. Their research, interactions with people from small communities, as well as people from the major Greenlandic cities also gave them a glimpse of the complexities of Greenlandic culture, Greenland’s history of colonization, and its present role in climate change and our future. The work presented at the Helsinki Photo Festival is based on that experience. Tourists. Like Us, is about self-reflection and the belief in the role of the artist, and perhaps their responsibility in finding hopeful ways to answer the question at the beginning of this text. The work consists of images by Eva Faché and video installations, sculptures and objects by Jet Pascua.

Eva Faché (b.1994) grew up in Gent, Belgium, where her eye for documentary photography was already recognised by her teachers in high school. Eventually, she pursued the discipline at the NARAFI School of Photography in Brussels, and then an MA degree from the Conservatory of Art KASK in Gent. Eva also worked as a photojournalist for the De Volkskrant in Amsterdam during the year they won the award for the best newspaper in Europe. Eva’s personal work is grounded in the curiosity to understand the world around us. Taking interest in communities and practices that are often controversial or misunderstood, such as the underprivileged in Belgium, the bullfighting community of Portugal and a New Age group in the Arctic. Her work often demands  commiting time  and attention into them, having  a sense of adventure, and  immersing herself within these groups for weeks or months.

Jet Pascua (b.1969) grew up in Manila during the time of the Marcos dictatorship. His experience and view of the world is influenced by the political turmoil of that period and the Filipino people’s inability to recognise, remember and learn from their past. His work has always been a process of unlearning values, inherited beliefs and ideologies. Moving to the Norwegian Arctic has allowed him to see and have a better understanding of the complex history of The Philippines, and it also made him aware of discrimination based on his skin colour and race.

Eva Faché (1994) lives and works in Ghent, Belgium and Tromsø, Norway. Jet Pascua (1969) Grew up in Manila, Philippines but lives and works in Tromsø, Norway now. Jet studied painting at the University of the Philippines, received his Bachelor in Fine Arts at the Oslo Art Academy, his Master’s in Fine Arts at the Bergen Art Academy, and his PhD in Artistic Research at the University of Tromsø. He lives and works in Tromsø, Gent and Manila.



Eva Faché & Jet Pascua (BE & PH) "Tourists. Like Us" - Helphoto 2022
Eva Faché & Jet Pascua (BE & PH) "Tourists. Like Us" - Helphoto 2022