Trust is an essential part of our lives, especially if we have to focus on other basic elements than to simply survive. If we experience too many uncertainties, we get stressed. If too many elements are being questioned, we will get paralyzed. We need to put the puzzle back in place and might choose unsubstantiated beliefs. We live in a time with more information than ever before. In order to handle this overload of information we have had to introduce new terms, such as “alternative facts” and “fake news” into our vocabulary. In addition to this information overflow, we are experiencing a new uncertainty in the form of a virus, physically real, transmitted from person to person. This “new normal” has been downplayed by some and dramatized by others. It has led to conspiracy theories and breaking of trust, further than on a personal level, as we have also lost trust in our society. Will we ever get back to normal or is this the new normal? Beautification, simplification and selection are the nature of an image. This project uses the photographic medium in its original analogue form to consider the acceptance of an image, obviously showing alterations through cutting. An image always consists of fragments, manipulation and exclusion on the presented. For this project the consideration of parallels between an image and trust is part of the objective.

After working within strategies, planning and change management for several years, Mogens Kjoeller decided to follow his longstanding dream and went into fine art photography. He received a Post-Baccalaureate in Photography from Massachusetts College of Art & Design in Boston and completed a Master’s degree in Photography Arts at Westminster University London in 2019, tutored by Prof. Davis Bate and Dr. Lucy Soutter. Kjoeller’s work has been exhibited in Boston and in London, and will be shown at Incheon Marine Media in August this year. 

Mogens Kjoeller (DK) "Fragments" - Helphoto 2020
Mogens Kjoeller (DK) "Fragments" - Helphoto 2020