Alexis Vasilikos (GR) "Balancing Act" - Helphoto 2020




Balancing Act
Alexis Vasilikos’ series Balancing Act revolves around the idea of minimum gestures between people and our environment. Gestures that are vital in the construction of trust; vital to life today. His work consists mainly of small and medium format prints. Prints that require intimacy between the viewer and the subject. “Trust is natural to us, it is there by itself, we are trusting life naturally. What comes out of trust, is a sense of balance – trust brings balance and balance brings trust. These two are interconnected.” Christina Androulidaki

Alexis Vasilikos (b. 1977) is an Athens-based visual artist who works primarily with photography. His work revolves around peripatetic photography, meditation and energetic editing, and is deeply influenced by Eastern mysticism. He studied photography in Athens, at Focus and A.k.t.o. and attended the Art History course of D.A.M.S. in Bologna. Since 2012 he is the co-editor of Phases Magazine, an online publication that showcases fine art photography. He is also represented by CAN Christina Androulidaki Gallery.

Alexis Vasilikos (GR) "Balancing Act" - Helphoto 2020
Alexis Vasilikos (GR) "Balancing Act" - Helphoto 2020