Lives and works in Netherlands


Peter grew up in a world full of crime and drugs. Abandoned by his parents, he started living on the streets of Amsterdam since he was only fourteen years old. His survival instinct, together with a complete lack of guidance, drove him into the arms of gangsters. He made a career as a criminal bodyguard, rubbing shoulders with the big men in the underworld. He completely defied law and made his own rules. Once feared by rivaling criminals, Peter stepped out of this dark world and now lives an isolated life, spending a lot of time in his second home on the quiet countryside of France. He barely masters the French language, the nearby café and bakery closed down a few years ago and the only thing that still draws a crowd in this area is the local cemetery. But he’s happy here, because nobody tells him what rules to live by. He lives with nature, which is indifferent to his wild past.

As a child, Michael was always attracted to the bad boys around the block, children who were not bound by social norms, always looking for freedom. As a photographer, he still feels at ease around those who are immune to society’s restrictions and all it’s spoken and unspoken rules. But can one really withdraw oneself from society? And isn’t loneliness the price one often pays for the obtained freedom? Michael Floor was born and raised in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. After studying Economics, he travelled the world extensively before starting a career in the advertisement industry. Ten years ago, my deep wish to tell true, authentic stories that matter, prompted him to drop the advertisement business all together; he went back to school and graduated in the summer of 2012 at the Photo Academy, specializing in documentary photography.


Hair dryer from the series Peter by Michael Floor
Grain Field by Michael Floor
Smile from the series Peter by Michael Floor
Smoking from the series Peter by Michael Floor
Marked for lifer from the series Peter by Michael Floor
Noodles supply from the series Peter by Michael Floor
Mask from the series Peter by Michael Floor