From Spain. Lives and works in Iceland.

L. Andrés Esteban is a Spanish artist devoted to both photography and humor. She obtained her Master of Fine Arts degree in 2012 at University of Castilla-La Mancha (Cuenca, Spain) and complemented her training at Center of Advanced Technologies (Zaragoza, Spain), Kansas City Art Institute (Missouri, USA) and Reykjavík Museum of Photography (Reykjavík, Iceland). ​Her professional interests have historically included the relationship between photography and illustration, the multiple uses of vegetables as subjects and, in general, creating understandable images that make people smile. In more recent times, an increasing dissatisfaction with the state of affairs in both the circuits of the Fine Arts and the society at large has been exerting its influence and changing her motivation and the messages she tries to convey, if not her approach towards imaging. ​