From Norway. Lives and works in Oslo.



Karoline Hjorth (b. 1980) is a Norwegian photographer, artist and writer. Algorithm Anecdotes (submitted as Personals) aims to portray the complexity of the lives of people living alone, which constitute over 40% of Norwegian households. In a universe where matchmaking has become an algorithm, this space between technology and reality is changing the way we interact with others and potentially even how we fall in love.

Serials is a series of portraits of online daters from different age segments, regions and different social backgrounds. A key portrait documents their first waking seconds of the day, where the capacity to direct or control their self presentation is limited and the result is often a direct and in many ways defenseless honesty. The supplementary environmental portraits provide space for showing individual personality traits, but also the absence of a partner. This manifests itself in everything from single beds and meals, to the choice of furnishing and interior details. The tradition and culture that is built around online dating goes a little more than a decade back in time and today’s generation of online daters have all been beginners in their approach to present themselves in this particular public space.

Hjorth completed her MA at the University of Westminster (London) in 2009 and is currently based in Oslo. Her photographic work has received the Deloitte Award at the National Portrait Gallery in London and has been exhibited and published internationally. Her recent works have been exhibited at The Royal Academy of Arts (London), Art Toronto, NADA Miami, The Chimney (NYC), Pioneer Works (NYC), Fotogalleriet (Oslo), Shoot Gallery (Oslo), Greenland National Museum, Norwegian National Museum (DKS) and Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma (Helsinki), amongst others. Her first book Mormormonologene (Press Publishing) was published in 2011 and her second, Eyes as Big as Plates (Press Publishing) was recently published in collaboration with Riitta Ikonen (FI). Eyes as Big as Plates was nominated for the Paris Photo/Aperture Foundation Award and won gold in Norway’s annual book award show. She is currently working on two more books to be published in 2019: Billett Merket (Press Publishing) and Time is a ship that never casts anchor (with Ikonen, to be published by Mesén).