From Indonesia. Lives and works in Jakarta.

Dilla Djalil Daniel is a Jakarta based documentary photographer who was born in July 1966. Her first introduction to the camera was when her father gave her a boxy camera as her 9th birthday present and since then she has been something of a shutterbug. She obtained her bachelor degree from The University of Indonesia, majoring in English Literature. Dilla’s first photography mentor was her late father, and for many years she shot her objects intuitively, relying on her feelings, sensitivity and a good eye. In 2010 she decided to join a photojournalism workshop in Bangkok. She had finally found the genre that suited her the most, which is storytelling using her camera. One workshop lead to another, and she found herself attending more documentary and photojournalism workshops. Dilla is an alumnus of the Foundry Photojournalism workshop, the Momenta Documentary workshop and the Obscura Workshop. These overseas workshops suited her well since she loves adventurous travelling. She has been immensely fortunate to have had an impressive list of award-winning photojournalists as her mentors. For Dilla, photography is a tool to express her sensitivity and a medium to express what she sees and feels. She believes photography is a form of art and the camera is her brush and the light is her paint. Her wish is to tell stories that people can relate to. It is her wish to carry on telling stories through her pictures, the stories she feels like telling, for as long as she can.

Also open call winner 2020