From Chile. Lives and works in Nottingham.

My name is Claudia Milena González, I was born in Chile. I have lived for 6 years in Argentina, then I moved with my husband and daughter to Spain and now I’m based in England. I started my career by studying languages, English and German. Then I studied Design in Argentina, in 2012 I made a design course at Central Saint Martins in London, by then I started to be more interested in design. I have also made courses of Illustration in Spain and Italy. When I was little I have learnt photography from my father, he was in a cinema photo-club and used to take pictures and make some short films. But life has many twists and different roads, and only now that I’m an adult I realized that I love this. Now film cameras are becoming a part of my work as well. During these last 4 years, I have been working in a project about Alzheimer’s disease, I want to show how difficult and sad is to face this illness, especially the experience of an old man taking care of his wife. With this project, I made an exhibition in Paris in July 2018. Documentary photography attracts me a lot, because I am a very sensitive person and I like human relationships, I like to meet people from all over the world and portray their culture, their way of living life and experiences. I have an open mind to carry out projects that transcend, that deliver a message and make people feel something. Every picture that I take is from a heart full of happiness. I work freelance with textile art, illustrations and photography.