From the US. Lives and works in Long Island City.

Based in New York, Charles Cohen participated in the Core Program at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston after an MFA (photography) from Rhode Island School of Design and his BA in Anthropology at The University of Chicago. Cohen has exhibited in New York, Paris, Boston, Houston, San Francisco, Portland, Lisbon, Berlin and Miami.

Currently, his video “Figures” is in 2 online programs: and Publications include: “Digital Art” by Paul, “CURVE: The Female Nude Now” by Dailey et al. Collections include: The Fogg Art Museum at Harvard University, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and The Portland Art Museum, Oregon.

“Why I prefer digital clocks and can no longer pretend to like analog time”
Cohen states: “Most wouldn’t admit that it’s because it requires more work, but I can. I also hate being deceived by an imprecise instrument. But my “highest” reason is because the shapes of the digital numbers morphing and conversing like a self-sustaining language are beautiful. This is a real pleasure. Why should I attempt to appreciate anything else let alone deny what comes naturally? Despite the indication of any weakness on my part, I love Digital, I love her.”