From Denmark. Lives and works in Hundested.

Birgitta Steen has been active artist/photographer since 1971 and still is working with exhibitions, press photography and much more.

Birgitta Steen started her career as an apprentice photographer in a film studio, then left Sweden in 1959, being driven by a curiosity and need to explore the world. She has lived in various countries, always searching for different ways of expressing herself in her artistic work. Birgitta has studied at art schools in Paris, France, Boston and San Francisco, USA and then finally five years in Konstfack, Stockholm. Since 1987 she has been teaching at an art college and holding art courses throughout Europe. Drawn by the Mediterranean light, she moved to Spain in 2002 where she painted the black/white suite “1940”. Her artwork includes oil and acrylic paintings, photography, art installations and sculptures. She is also the author, photographer and illustrator of ten books.