From France. Lives and works in Paris.


A career started in the Beauty industry gave Ann Massal the feeling that Plato’s take on Beauty as Truth was long dead. She subsequently decided to study photography at Central St Martins (London) & more recently at Atelier Smedsby to try to express her very own view. With similarities to the crazy world of ‘Alice in Wonderland’, Ann’s pictures are never expected. Using a vast array of techniques: dripping, bleaching, cutting, rotting, she distorts images to offer us her outlook on beauty: ambiguous, sinful and always colourful.

Poetic and rather chaotic, her work has been exhibited throughout Korea in 2016 which, ironically is the biggest beauty market in the world. She was also nominated in August 2017 by JH Engström for Photopaper (issue n18) which is a Monographic issue of her work and got shortlisted at the Istanbul Photo Festival. More recently, her photobook was shortlisted for Kassel 2018 Dummy Awards and is currently being showcased in various international fairs. Her work also got shortlisted in June 2018 in Propeller, a Portuguese publication.