From UK. Lives and works in Malmö, Sweden.

AdeY is a British born photographer based in Malmö, Sweden. His work captures those little moments of social oppression, humour, isolation, anxiety and depression. It recognises that we not only change in relation to our environment but that our environment adapts to what we become. The images depict imbalances evident in the contemporary society today by directly addressing issues of gender, normative behaviour and how society forces us to choose one direction or path. The subjects show our venerability, loneliness, strengths and expectations whilst highlighting the correlation between body and space. By questioning the constructs all around us AdeY’s work has been met with constant censorship on social media and has been removed from a number of different online platforms. His open letter to Instagram gained international recognition in 2017 by being shared through a number of different news and media outlets.

AdeY’s work has been exhibited throughout the world and in 2015 self-published the photobook “Right and Left”. During 2016 AdeY collaborated with Swedish photographer Kersti K and print publisher This Very Instant to produce the split zine “Avalanche”. After the success of the first collaboration, they released the second split zine “HEATH” in 2017.

AdeY, open call winner of the theme Love in 2018, will now have his first solo exhibition in the Finnish Museum of Photography from March 23rd-May 24th 2020!