From Norway. Lives and works in Trondheim.

Dev Holthe Dhunsi is working with photography focused on people and their cultural and social character. He looks closely at human connection and identity. Often observing and documenting situations that fit in the conceptual and visual world he creates. He is questioning topics like the generalization and labelling of sexuality and social origin. His latest projects seek youth culture and the odd and destructive ways to pass time when photography has taught him to take from within and putting out, creating an anarchistic photographic world. This might come from the social differences in his own cultural background. “Though the sociologically and environmental differences between Scandinavia and Asia, India has taught me to enjoy chaotic moments even though I’m the most inspired when I can truly be introspective and question what I might feel. At home in Norway, I recall my dad telling me night stories about the holy Indian water that turned black crows into white beautiful swans. While my mother’s stories created the link between both nationalities telling me about the trolls on the mountains and the great big ocean. My father is an art painter born and raised in India, and my mother a Norwegian hatmaker. They have indeed influenced my work and led me to great inspirations like for example Viviane Sassen, Romio Shrestha, Andres Serrano, Philip Guston and so on. Growing up in a globalized world my feet have always been in between the arts and fashion.”