From Netherlands. Lives and works in Nijmegen.

Maria Dabrowski has an MA in Fine Arts, Photography at LUCA School of Arts in Brussels. The origin of her work can be traced back to documentary photography. The long-term projects, which portray considerable involvement, are often represented in photo-installations and in book form. Her research and photographic work in which (cultural) identity serves as a foundation, result in personal, intimate works in which feelings of displacement often are strong.

In ‘Eden’ (2016 – 2018) she followed throughout four changing seasons, a young woman carrying her first son called Eden. The first three seasons as she carried him inside her womb and the last one, outside. In her tiny house surrounded by trees and birds, she is in awe over how something so unexpected can be so natural and so peaceful at the same time. The young mother leads an as much as possible self-sufficient life with her animals and is fully convinced to give the young baby called Eden everything he needs.
Important themes in this intimate portrait are;
Love, Nurture /nature, the art of mothering, time, the changing body, intimacy, mother-child relationship, alternative ways of living, the changing of the seasons.