Emmi Roosling (SE) "Minns du årstidernas skiftningar?" - Helphoto 2023




Minns du årstidernas skiftningar?
How scared does one get? Afraid of what is about to happen and yet is already happening, to the environment and to nature, afraid of time that it is running out too quickly.

In Minns du årstidernas skiftningar? (Do you remember the changes of the seasons?), photographing and working with images is Emmi Roosling’s way of dealing with her burning anxiety about climate change. By being in and photographing the landscape that surrounds her, Emmi found a rhythm and a breathing hole when the panic strikes. Slowly the landscape and the seasons have moved into her body and become part of her pulse.

Just like when we travel by train and see the landscape changing slowly outside the window, everyday life swishes by faster and faster the closer to the destination.

In this work, Emmi made an attempt to stop time, encapsulate it and make it visible. Through self-portraits and restful landscape images she wants to tell about her generation’s increasing anxiety around climate change and the courage that we need to make the necessary changes.

Emmi Roosling, born and raised on the small island of Öland in the south of Sweden, is a photographer who explores the relationship between humans, the landscape and the visibility of time that passes when one chooses to notice. With the idea of the photograph acting as a document of time, the work often takes its place on the horizon and in the corner of the home through self-portraits and quiet landscape images. With inspiration from the classic portrait and still life paintings of  the 17th century, Emmi tries to disturb the timeline to start a dialog between now and then. In 2015, she graduated from the Photography School in Gamleby, Sweden. Her work has been shown in art galleries around the south of Sweden showing both large-scale photographs and photographs. In 2019 she published the photo book Ön and received the Swedish Author Fund’s Work Scholarship. In 2022 she was awarded a one-year work scholarship from the Swedish Arts Grants Committees.


Emmi Roosling (SE) "Minns du årstidernas skiftningar?" - Helphoto 2023
Emmi Roosling (SE) "Minns du årstidernas skiftningar?" - Helphoto 2023