From Denmark. Lives and works in Aarhus.

About me: I am 32 years old Danish photo artist. I have been working with art my whole life and knew from I was a little girl that my need for expressions and storytelling was something I could not hide or deny. When I was 24 I got accepted at the Royal Danish Theater school and been working with scene art since I was a child. My camera and my lens became my secret hideaway place from all the noises and expectations in the theatre world. When I was 28 I took a decision that changed my life. My path and my call were not to play on the big stages and perform as an actress even though I always thought that it was my call. I gave my camera all my attention and started doing photography together with my old colleges from Aarhus theatre.

Now I do portrait work for a lot of Danish actresses, shooting PR for bands and creating art from my own art laboratory. Humans and especially women’s are the main thing in my artwork. Also, I work freelance with private clients and for Magazines Facts about me: Woman artist Woman photographer and art model Natural light. Inspired by the Nordic nature and the women body co-working with artists from Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

Curriculum Vitae: Lullu Scheel

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